Loans for Individuals

The PIB is giving all the efforts to serve the needs of individuals; by satisfying their personal needs. The Bank is working continuously to develop those services to accomplish the requirements of the customers, in parallel with the competitive banks services in such field, concentrating on the aspects of and easy and simple service, in addition to the competitiveness of charges and prices.

The services are:

Small and Medium Enterprises:

Invest in your business with PIB
“let’s talk business” is a business loan offered by PIB for Small and Medium Enterprises operating in Palestine.
Eligible applicants:
Any SME who employs less than 25 employees and have an annual sale of less than USD 7M is eligible to apply for the business loan.
The business loan “let’s talk business” offers the following products:
- Short term working capital loans.
- Long term fixed assets loans.
- Trade Finance loans.
- Overdraft.
PIB also offers the following services o SME’s:
- Letters of Guarantee
- Letter of credit
- Credit cards
- Wire transfer
- Post-dated checks

Personal Loan: where the bank sustains through this service a financing for consumables and personal needs for individuals despite the fact of aims and needs.

Car Loan: PIB is eager to provide a new philosophy, presented by opening all possibilities to the customer in determining the specifications and requirements in car ownership according to desire; and not to limit the choosing right of the customer, to ease the way into owning a car in a quick and competitive way.

Overdrafts: this service designed for employees with salaries being transferred to the bank accordingly; provides a ceiling of debt equal to three times the transferred salary amount, and can help in resisting any urgent immediate needs.


For More Information and inquiries; please contact us through email at: [email protected], or call to the free line 1800-888-888.