Bank’s Message

Visions, Duties, Principles valuables and future options

To pursuit hard and responsible efforts eagerly to be a pioneer advanced bank in Palestine; through offering the finest financial and banking services for our customers, offered by our crew of highly qualified staff; who practice their career in a motivated environment, supported by modern technologies, in addition to the fine selected products of banking services; imposing the highest career and ethics standards, seeking the achievement of the best financial results that fit with our position in the banking system.

To effectively engage in the construction and development of the Palestinian economy with responsibility and commitment. Our major values are based on trust and honesty with self and others; in addition to the continuous loyalty and truth of our promises; and the commitment to the foundations of corporate governance in all of our businesses; and keeping challenging more to discover better methods to satisfy our customers, being committed always to our social responsibilities.

Our future options are to keep on out achievements and the continuity of growth and development; being curious and responsible to create and develop new products within the Palestinian banking markets, in order to enhance our financial position by controlling the risk elements; and the development of the human resources power; and the effective usage of modern technology to continue our excellence in performance and to increase the efficiency in dealing with our customers in a transparent way.