Treasury and Investment Department

The Department of Treasury and Investment provides several consultations designated to accommodate the various requirements such as Foreign Currencies Trade and Financial Mediation for all financial tools in local and international markets; whereas the mediation is implemented through the Global Securities Company affiliated to the bank

Main Responsibilities of the Treasury and Investment Department:

  1. Dealing in immediate markets.
  2. Financial Mediation in global markets.
  3. Financial Mediation in Arab and local markets.
  4. Dealing in derivative instruments; such as Deposit contracts; option contracts for the purpose of precaution to the volatility of exchange rates and interest rates.
  5. Collecting Financial Statements to analyze and discover its impact on the volatility of exchange and interest rates, and to predict its impact on the economies.
  6. Main Analysis and Technical Analysis of Monitory & Capital markets; and develop trade strategies.
  7. Expectations of the figures of financial and economical indicators for the major countries.